Jing Guo

      Associate Professor
      Department of ECE            
      University of Florida, Gainesville, FL

      Phone:    352-392-0940 (Office)
      Email:     guoj@ufl.edu

Short Bio

     Jing Guo is an associate professor in Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at University of Florida. He received the Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering from Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN in 2004, the M.S. degree in solid state electronics in 2000 and the B.S. degree in electronic engineering in 1998, both from Shanghai Jiao Tong University. His research interests focus on modeling and simulation of new nanoscale devices with applications in electronics, optoelectronics, and energy conversion. He is a receipient of the National Science Foundation Faculty Early CAREER Award.

Research Interests

  • Computer Modeling and Simulation of Nanodevices
  • Quantum Transport in Nanodevices
  • Device Simulation in Graphene/Nanotube/Nanowire Electronics/Optoelectronics
  • Device Simulation in Silicon Nanoelectronics

        The research projects have been supported by National Science Foundation, Semiconductor Research Corporation, Office of Naval Research, Army Research Lab, NASA, and Intel Corporation. ,


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    Postdoc Research Associate:

         Dr. Kai-Tak Lam

    Current Ph.D. Students:

         Wenchao Chen (Ph.D. student)

         Qun Gao (Ph.D. student)

         Yang Lu (Ph.D. student)

         Gyungseon Seol (Ph.D. student)

         Leitao Liu (Ph.D. student)

         Xi Cao (Ph.D. student)

         Runlai Wan (Ph.D. student)

         Zhipeng Dong (Ph.D. student)


         Dr. Youngki Yoon (Ph.D., Dec. 2008, Asst. Prof. in Univ. of Waterloo)

         Dr. Yijian Ouyang (Ph.D. 2011, Maxim Semiconductors)

         Dr. Jyotsna Chauhan (Ph.D. 2012, Intel Corp.)

         James Fodor (M.S., 2007. Initial employment: Lockheed Martin)

         Seokmin Hong (M.S., 2007, Ph.D. student in Purdue University)

         Dukjin Kim (M.S., 2011. Initial employment: Hynix Semiconductors)

         Dr. Bala Kumar (Postdoc Research Associate, Sep. 2010-June 2012, Global Foundries)

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         matlab plot script


        EEL6935: Quantum Phenomena in Electronics (Fall, 2004)

        EEE4420/EEE5426: Introductory Quantum Mechanics for Nanodevices(Fall 2011; Fall 2010; Fall 2009; Fall 2008; Sping 2007; Spring, 2005)

        EEL6397: Semiconductor Device Theory (Spring 2010, Spring 2009, Fall, 2005)

        EEL6398: Semiconductor Device Theory II(Spring, 2006)

        EEL6428: Computational Nanoelectronics (Spring 2012; Spring 2011; Fall 2007; Fall 2006)

    Outreach Activities: The following resources have been deployed on
    nanoHUB.org - online simulation and more

        Simulator: CNTbands

        Simulator: FETToy

        Seminar: Optimization of Transistor Design for Carbon Nanotubes

        Source code: MOSCNT

        Ph. D. Dissertation

        Article:Towards Multi-Scale Modeling of Carbon Nanotube Transistors