Jing Guo

      Department of ECE            
      University of Florida, Gainesville, FL

      Phone:    352-392-0940 (Office)
      Email:      edu dot ufl at guoj

Research Group

Research Interests

  • Modeling and Simulation of Nanoelectronic Devices and Materials
  • Quantum Transport in Nanodevices
  • Theory of Nanoscale Transistors


         Journal publications

        Conference proceedings/talks


         Book Chapter


        EEL6935: Quantum Phenomena in Electronics (Fall, 2004)

        EEE4420/EEE5426: Introductory Quantum Mechanics for Nanodevices(Fall 2011; Fall 2010; Fall 2009; Fall 2008; Sping 2007; Spring, 2005)

        EEL6397: Semiconductor Device Theory (Spring 2010, Spring 2009, Fall, 2005)

        EEL6398: Semiconductor Device Theory II(Spring, 2006)

        EEL6428: Computational Nanoelectronics (Spring 2012; Spring 2011; Fall 2007; Fall 2006)

    Outreach Activities: The following resources have been deployed on
    nanoHUB.org - online simulation and more

        Simulator: CNTbands

        Simulator: FETToy

        Seminar: Optimization of Transistor Design for Carbon Nanotubes

        Source code: MOSCNT

        Ph. D. Dissertation

        Article:Towards Multi-Scale Modeling of Carbon Nanotube Transistors